Yes. Once the Marketing Platform is in place, you have the option of moving directly into our Total Marketing offering, in which case Seniors Online Marketing will deliver all of the marketing tactics detailed in your Strategic Marketing Plan. If you decide to move forward with Total Marketing, your investment into the Marketing Platform will, of course, be applied to the fees associated with that portion of the Total Marketing. If we complete the Marketing Platform and decide we are not a good fit to continue working together, we part ways. Simple as that.

No Just like in life, in marketing there are no guarantees. In lieu of a guarantee, we offer two things. The first is a Commitment Manifesto in your contract with us. It lays out precisely what you can expect from us and exactly what we need from you. We are both accountable in this business relationship. The second is a Cancel Anytime Policy. The project can be cancelled at any time, for any reason, as described in Terms of Sales.

Yes. See above, “Is there a guarantee?”

Every senior living community is as unique as a fingerprint, and your marketing plan will reflect that. We see your community’s marketing as a blank canvas when we first start working with you. The possibilities are endless. To that end, we can’t say at the outset precisely what will appear in the marketing plan that we strategically develop for you. Once we survey your residents, resident families and key players, we will know for sure what belongs in your marketing plan. And anything we recommend on that marketing plan will fit perfectly into the marketing budget that we agreed upon in the beginning. We have a staunch No Surprises rule here, so you will always know what we are doing and why. Each month, you will receive a detailed report of how we invested your budget. In short, what’s included in your marketing plan will be only what’s best for your community and your budget.

Sometimes. We handle this on a case-by-case basis. Frankly, it often makes more sense for us to start from scratch. You may be overpaying for the value you’re getting. Or it may make more sense to switch fully to Seniors Online Marketing. Not always, though. In come cases, the work you are already doing with your existing marketing vendor nicely complements what we will be doing for your community. As with everything else in your marketing plan, we rely on what your residents and resident families experience. If your resident families don’t remember the direct mail or online ad you have been running, we’ll have an honest discussion about the pros and cons of discontinuing it. Guiding you through these choices is all part of Seniors Online Marketing marketing expertise.

Yes. Your website will be responsive, which means it will automatically respond to the device on which it displays, reconfiguring to the perfect size and display format for that device. There’s no extra charge for those bells and whistles.

We will never know until we complete your surveys. It matters not what you think of the website, it matters not what we think of the website. What matters most is whether or not your website resonates with your current resident families and their peers (who are your potential clients), and we will uncover that knowledge in our survey process.

You are more than welcome to peruse our Work and the testimonials throughout this website. They tell the most accurate picture of our history with our happiest clients. Except in very rare cases and with their explicit permission, we do not give out the contact information of our clients. They appreciate this, and we’re sure you will, too, if you become a client.

Seniors Online Marketing encourages senior living communities to reinvest at least 5-7% of total revenue back into marketing. In our experience, this continually emerges as the threshold for communities to gain and maintain momentum in the market. If your goals are big, say to double occupancy in one year, then you would need to invest more like 10%. We find that most communities are already spending what is needed to work with us. But that’s just it – they are spending it. Seniors Online Marketing philosophy is that marketing should never be an expense. It should always be an investment that produces healthy returns. In many cases, we take the same budget you are currently spending and optimize that into a worthwhile marketing investment.

Seniors Online Marketing offers two ways to pay, and those options will be explained in detail on your contract with us. If you wish to be more creative in your financing, we can introduce you to one of the trusted bankers in our network of professionals.

If we agree that the Total Marketing solution is right for your community, we handle almost all of your marketing for a 12-month period, then we discuss the best way to continue working together from there. That does not mean we handle everything. We need at least one point person on your end to approve our work at major milestones and provide feedback when we need it to move projects forward. The exact tactics we will handle for you will be clear in your Strategic Marketing Plan. We will also include a specific number of hours for “flex time,” which can be used for the miscellaneous marketing projects that are bound to come up for your community every now and again. We will provide detailed monthly reporting on the progress of

It rarely does. In all of our work with senior living communities, we have only ever known one community that did 100% of their marketing online with complete success, and that practice was investing in online marketing like few we have ever seen. In most cases, the marketing plan is comprised of tactics within four strategies, with online marketing being one of four. The other three are traditional marketing (print, radio, TV, etc.), sales marketing (CRM and events), and brand awareness marketing (signage, logo, community involvement, etc.) Marketing is like investing. A balanced portfolio is best.

Seniors Online Marketing believes that no community can be replicated. Each has its own uniqueness, and it’s our job to dust for that fingerprint and put it to market. Still, it can sometimes feel like a conflict of interest for our current clients when another community in their area expresses interest in working with us. We take this on a case-by-case basis, but the bottom line is that our loyalties always lie with our existing clients.

Seniors Online Marketing is headquartered in Denver, CO, and houses a team of passionate marketing experts who deliver the marketing solutions we provide to our clients. We also rely on a handful of very carefully selected vendors to help us deliver our work. Everything produced by Seniors Online Marketing goes through a rigorous quality check before it goes to the client for approval.

By all means, yes. In fact, when you walk into the communities that have had us collaborate with their architect and/or interior designer, you can feel the things that residents love about that community really come to life in that space. It’s a spectacular experience.

No. We find that it works best if you are the connector between your different marketing vendors. We will always provide our expert opinion and any tools and resources you need, that are within scope, that you can pass along to your other vendors. However, communication between the two parties is best kept separate.

No. We recommend that you don’t discount your services because that would suggest that the value was never actually there. The same goes for Seniors Online Marketing services. Our fees are grounded in years of market research, and are based upon the actual time and resources we put into our work for you. To discount our services would be a disservice to us, to you and to the industry as a whole. Besides, it would be unfair to our current clients who all pay fair market value.

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